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National English Pouter Association

National English Pouter Association

An NPA Specialty Club

Established in 1895, Re-Established 2012

  • Yes Folks we are bringing back the NEPA after 30 years!
  • The Inaugural NEPA Show was held in Des Moines, Iowa, on (December 13 & 14, 2013) at IA State Fairgrounds.
  • Judge: Mike Hughes from Arizona is a well known Pouter Breeder extremely knowledgeable on Pouter/Croppers
  • Awards: Framed English Pouter Picture (Champion), English Pouter Print on Tile (Reserve Champion)
  • I made an error originally on the re-establishment of the club, per Mike Stanton's article in the Feb 1985 APJ where he states Darwin and Ben got the club going again in 1984.

  • Winter Bulletin will be emailed out on or before 15 Jan 2016.
    Dues: $10.00 - USA/Canada
    Juniors (18 & younger) $5.00
    $15.00 US Dollars - International
    Bi-annual Bulletins
    Regional Shows

    Send Checks or money orders to:
    Rick Wood
    501 Linden St. SE
    Sleepy Eye, Mn. 56085

    For more Information Contact:
    Jeff Clemens
    2425 Guenever Court
    Altoona, Iowa 50009
    719-339-6394 or

  • Site last updated: 15 Oct 2015
  • The National English Pouter Association was established in 1895
    and has been re-established a number of times since then. In 1972
    John Allen and Herb Matheson revitalized the club, in 1984 the club
    was again re-established by Darwin Peterson and Benjamin Benegas.
    This time Rick Wood and myself are bringing the club back to life
    and promoting the "Mighty English Pouter"! Please come and join us,
    let's make history together and continue the legacy of NEPA.

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